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SOCA announces its 6th National Conference of The Society Of Clinical Anatomists (SOCA) being hosted by the Department of Anatomy, KLE University’s Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Belagavi on the 3rd and 4th of June 2017. For any clarification feel free to contact Secretary SOCA at 09815542792".
The art and science of Anatomy forms the basis of Medical Curriculum.  The subject has expanded beyond the walls of the Dissection theatre.  The Society of Clinical Anatomists [SOCA] is dedicated to the furthering of knowledge in the field of Clinical Based Anatomy.  The members of SOCA aim to bridge the gap between the anatomists and the clinicians and to explore new dimensions in Clinical Anatomy.
To promote professional development and to foster exchange of ideas among clinical anatomists and clinicians belonging to all fields of medicine

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The society is registered under TN societies registration act 1975
bearing the regn. number 168/2011.
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