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Annual General Body Meeting (GBM) – 2019

Venue :: Auditorium, Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education & Research, Porur, Chennai
Date :: 08/02/2019
Time :: 12:15 pm to 01:15 pm

The General Body Meeting was held during the Eighth National Conference of Society of Clinical Anatomists (SOCA)

The members present for the General Body Meeting were as per the Register. Apology of absence was received from none. Since the required quorum was available, the President, Dr. Gunapriya Raghunath welcomed all the members who were present and declared order to convene the General Body Meeting of the Society of Clinical Anatomists.
  1. Annual Report by the General Secretary : The annual report of the Society of Clinical Anatomists was presented by the General Secretary, Dr. N. Muthukumaravel. The activities of SOCA during the last year in inducting more new members, sponsorship of the CME Histion’19 at Government Medical College, Kanyakumari and the Medical education CME at JSS Medical College, Karnataka were mentioned by the General Secretary. He also read out that the SOCA member Dr. E. Mohana Priya got Dr. H.J. Mehta Memorial award, 2017 for the best paper published in the Journal of Anatomical Society of India. The members unanimously approved the General Secretary’s report.

  2. Annual Report by the Treasurer : The Treasurer’s report for the year 2018-19 was presented by Dr. Kavimani. The statement of accounts of the Society was made available for the member's perusal. The members unanimously approved the Treasurer’s report.

  3. Report by Editor-in-Chief of National Journal of Clinical Anatomy : The income and expenditure details of National Journal of Clinical Anatomy for 2018-19 were presented to the members by the Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Ravichandran. He informed the General Body that after he assumed charge as Editor-in-Chief of the National Journal of Clinical Anatomy, the journal website was revamped, online mode of submission of manuscript with separate corridors for Authors, Reviewers and Editors were made.

    The Editor-in-Chief, informed the members that the discussion were in place to link the National Journal of Clinical Anatomy with the Journal Management System by the Thieme Publishers for the publication of the journal. He informed that there will be more expenditure for this migration which will be compensated by promoting more number of individual subscribers for the journal and also to double/triple the annual subscription for the Institutions in coming years. There were discussions regarding the financial viability of the journal down the line. Col. Dr. P. Haresh Kumar, Ex.Prof. of AFMC suggested that the Society should have at least thrice the amount of yearly expenses that is approximately Rs.21 Lakhs before committing the proposal of Journal Management System with Thieme Publishers. After discussing the pros and cons, the General Body members approved the migration to the Thieme publications. The Editor-in-Chief also added that the work is in progress to make the journal indexed with Scopus.

    The Editor-in-Chief put forth a resolution to induct more editorial board members. He proposed Dr. Geeta Anasuya and Dr. Suthaa as the editorial board members.
    Dr. Kumari Sandhya, Dr. Tulika Gupta, Dr. Vaishaly Bharambe, Dr. Manisha Gaikwad, Dr. Pushpalatha, Dr. Kalpana, Dr. V.B. Nandyal and Dr. Rashmi Jaiswal were proposed to be inducted as editorial board members. The members unanimously approved the Editor-in-Chief’s report and the induction of new Editorial board members

  4. Approval of New Life Members : The General Secretary put forth a resolution to approve 137 clinical anatomists who have been admitted as new life members after due verification. The members unanimously approved the resolution and welcomed the new life members to the society.

  5. Venue of the next SOCA conference : Discussion for finalizing the venue for the next SOCA conference was held. The following venues were proposed by the General Secretary in the meeting: Government Medical College, Srinagar and Smt. NHL Municipal Medical College, Ahmedabad. After discussions among the members, it was unanimously decided to conduct the next conference in Srinagar. As a contingency measure, Smt. NHL Municipal Medical College, Ahmedabad will be the second choice for the next conference venue in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

  6. New office bearers of the Society : The approval of the house was sought regarding the following candidates proposed by the Executive committee to work as office bearers of the Society ::

    1. Dr. M. Sivakumar for the post of Vice-President
    2. Dr. V. Gladwin for the post of Associate Secretary
    3. Dr. Kumar Satish Ravi for the post of Joint Editor of the Journal, NJCA

    The following names were proposed as New Executive Committee Members ::

    1. Dr. Sheela Sivan
    2. Dr. Himamoni Deka
    3. Dr. Chiman Kumari
    4. Dr. Anuradha Baruah
    5. Dr. Krishnaveni
    6. Dr. Girija Kumari
    7. Dr. Kumari
    8. Dr. Kishore Chandra Thakur
    9. Dr. Pratibha Jaiswal

    The inclusion of the above names suggested by the General Secretary was approved by the General Body.

  7. Collaboration tie-up between SOCA & ANZACA : The General Secretary informed the members that an informal discussion was in place with Dr. Ian Paul Johnson for a collaboration tie-up between SOCA & ANZACA (Australian and New Zealand Association of Clinical Anatomists). It was told in the meeting that Dr. Ian Paul Johnson suggested to have a structured framework of collaboration activities and would discuss the same with the ANZACA association. In the meeting, SOCA members were encouraged to take up membership of ANZACA and also to attend the conference of ANZACA. The contribution of ANZACA members to our journal was also discussed during the meeting. The General body agreed to the proposal and suggested to work out a feasible plan.

  8. Tie-up of SOCA with AIPCMA : Discussion regarding the tie-up of SOCA with the AIPCMA (All India Pre & Para Clinical Medicos Association) was held in the meeting. With the approval of the General Body, a presentation about the AIPCMA was given by Dr. C. M. Kamaal, the Vice-President of AIPCMA. He appraised the members regarding the need for such an association and the activities done by the association. He suggested that more faculty members and postgraduates of the pre and para clinical departments should become members of AIPMCA to strengthen the association. He further put forth that the association (AIPCMA) has taken steps through MCI to ensure that the teaching posts in the medical colleges to be filled only with the medical faculty. It was suggested in the meeting that all the members of SOCA are to be encouraged to become members of AIPCMA to strengthen the association. The General Body unanimously approved the collaboration of SOCA with the AIPCMA.

  9. SOCA Life membership certificates in the digital format : Discussion regarding the issue of the SOCA Life membership certificates was held in the meeting. The General Secretary put forth a proposal to do away with the Life membership certificates in the physical form since the carrying and distribution of physical certificates were major problems and to change over to the e-certificates. The General body approved the proposal of e-certificates. Few suggestions regarding the e-certificates were put forth by Dr.V.Gladwin, the incoming Associate Secretary. Few members suggested that if any member needs a physical certificate, he or she can send a request e-mail to the General Secretary after sending the fee for postage expenses.

  10. Super specialization opportunities and implementation of new UG curriculum : In the meeting, there was a resolution to increase the super specialization opportunities to the clinical anatomists. Regarding implementation of new UG curriculum, Dr. Vijaya Sagar apprised the members that the new UG curriculum proposed by the MCI has incorporated most of the details from Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Porur, Chennai and SLOs need to be framed for each topic which would take 4-5 month's time. He added that competency and assessment methods should be worked out for each topic. The members felt that the problems encountered in implementation of the new UG curriculum should be shared in the next General Body meeting.

  11. Other Items : Dr. Lola Das and Dr. Shailaja Shetty requested the Association to take necessary steps to insist MCI to increase the faculty strength in Anatomy as work load is more with many UG and PG medical and paramedical courses.

  12. The General Body was pronounced over by the President.

            Dr. N. Muthukumaravel                    Dr. Gunapriya Raghunath
            General Secretary                            President
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