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Annual General Body Meeting (GBM) – 2018

Venue :: All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Date :: 03/02/2018
Time :: 12 noon to 1:00 pm

The General body meeting was held during the 7th National Conference of Society of Clinical Anatomists (SOCA)

As per register. Apology of absence received from none. Since required quorum was available, the President, Dr. Daksha Dixit pronounced order to convene the General Body Meeting of the Society of Clinical Anatomists.
  1. It was unanimously resolved to approve the Secretary’s report.
  2. It was resolved to approve the Treasurer’s report for 2017-18. The audited statement of accounts of the Society was made available for the member's perusal. Since, Dr. Kavimani was unable to make it to the conference, the Treasurer’s report was presented by Dr. Dipali Jayesh Trivedi, the Joint Treasurer of the Society.
  3. The income and expenditure details of National Journal of Clinical Anatomy for 2017-18 was presented to the members by the Editor-in-Chief.
    1. He informed the general body that after he joined as Editor in chief the editorial board and existing website www.njca.in was revamped. The fast track review system was introduced and is running successfully.
    2. He informed the house that a new current account in the name of National Journal of Clinical Anatomy has been started at Indian Overseas Bank, Valasaravakkam, Chennai and the amount from the old account was transferred to the new account which is being operated by Dr. WMS Johnson and Dr. Gunapriya Raghunath.
    3. He informed the general body that the current balance in the Journal account was Rs 5,26,000.
    4. In the future he expressed his wish to work with his editorial team to get the Journal indexed with Scopus and Pubmed. He would aim to strengthen the journal website, add more international faculty, enroll with an appropriate journal management system and if possible opt for post publication review system.
    5. The Editor in chief put forth the resolution to allow foreign faculty from any discipline in the Editorial board without the precondition that they should be society members provided it strengthened the position of the journal. The resolution was accepted by the General body.
    6. The Editor in chief put forth a resolution to include the following names in the Editorial Board ::
      1. Dr. V. Ravikumar
      2. Dr. S. Viveka
      3. Dr. Mahindra Kumar Anand
      4. Dr. C.S. Vidya
      5. Dr. Dipali Jayesh Trivedi
      6. Dr. Venkatesh Gokuldas Kamath
      7. Dr. Sreelekha Dorairaj
      a. The inclusion of the names suggested by the Editor in chief was approved by the General Body.
      b. The names of Dr. Kumar Sathish Ravi and Dr. Dyutimoy Datta were suggested from the audience during the General Body meeting. These names were accepted in principle by the House and the Editor in chief and these names would be drafted in the website as Editorial board members formally after nomination by executive and approval by general body during the next national conference.
      c. It was unanimously resolved to approve the Editor in chief’s report and congratulate him for successful release of the journal without a break.
  4. The approval of the house was sought regarding the consensus candidates proposed by the Executive committee to work as office bearers of the society.
    1. The General body was asked to express reservation if any, regarding any candidate proposed by the Executive committee and the General body members were told that since the General Body was the highest authority it could nominate a particular member too for a post and if that was the case then the matter would again be put forth to the General Body and that particular post would be declared vacant till the next Executive Committee meeting and subsequent General Body meeting. The General body was also informed that The President Dr. Daksha Dixit and General Secretary, Dr. Gaurav Agnihotri had completed their three year term and had expressed their wish to the Founder members that new office bearers may be nominated for these two prestigious posts by the Founder members and other members of Executive committee.
    2. The following members were elected as office bearers unopposed during the General Body Meeting ::
        1. President                                           : Dr. Gunapriya Raghunath
        2. Vice President & Editor in chief     : Dr. D. Ravichandran
        3. General Secretary & Webmaster  : Dr. N. Muthukumaravel
        4. Associate Secretary                         : Dr. M. Sivakumar
        5. Associate Secretary                         : Dr. Dipali Jayesh Trivedi
        6. Treasurer                                           : Dr. M. Kavimani
        7. Joint Treasurer                                 : Dr. S. Karthick

      Executive Committee Members ::       
      1. Dr. Anupama Mahajan(Punjab)
      2. Dr. Monika Lalit Piplani(Punjab)
      3. Dr. Padamjeet Panchal(Bihar)
      4. Dr. Mangesh Selukar(Maharashtra)
      5. Dr. Sunita Athavale(Madhya Pradesh)
      6. Dr. Kusum Gandhi(Madhya Pradesh)
      7. Dr. C.S. Vidya(Karnataka)
      8. Dr. Saim Hasan(Haryana)
      9. Dr. Mehera Bhoir(Maharashtra)
      10. Lt Col(Dr.)Debasis Bandopadhyay(Maharashtra)
      11. Dr. Vinay Sharma(Uttar Pradesh)
      12. Dr. Veerbhadra Nandyal(Karnataka)
      13. Dr. T.C. Singel(Gujarat)
      14. Dr. Jitendra Patel(Gujarat)
      15. Dr. Navbir Pasricha(Uttar Pradesh)
      16. Dr. Pratima Jaiswal(Rajasthan)
      17. Dr. V. Gladwin(Puducherry)

    3. The members were apprised that three new Exective Members, Dr. Mehera Bhoir, Dr. Vinay Sharma and LtCol(Dr.) Debasis Bandopadhyay had requested in Belagavi after the Executive committee meeting that their names be put in the executive committee and therefore their names were approved by the Executive for inclusion in the Executive committee in the Executive committee meeting held on 02.02.2018.
    4. Dr. Mahendra Kumar Pant voiced his opinion that one person should not hold two posts. The General Secretary informed the house that this happened because Dr. Daksha Dixit had expressed her wish to vacate the post of President after completion of tenure just before the Executive committee meeting and as Dr. D. Ravichandran was already Vice President in addition to Editor-in-Chief as approved by the GBM at Belagavi in 2017. The Executive therefore nominated Dr. D. Ravichandran for two posts. Finally it was decided in the General Body meeting that the matter needs to be looked into and possibly one person one post principle can be enforced by the Executive nominating another person as Vice President/Editor in Chief during the next Executive committee meeting.
    5. The following members volunteered/names were proposed for inclusion in Executive committee during the General Body meeting ::
      1. Dr. Ranjit Guha
      2. Dr. S.L. Jethani
      3. Dr. Rashmi Malhotra
      4. Dr. Uday N.Kudalkar
      5. Dr. Brij Raj Singh
      The General Secretary informed the house that these names were accepted in principle and these names would be drafted in the website as executive committee members formally after nomination by executive and approval by general body during the next national conference.
    6. Dr. Shashi Raheja proposed that Executive members be limited to fifteen. Dr. Gaurav Agnihotri informed her that at present there was no capping on the number of Executive members but there was a society practice of monitoring the executive member's interest in the society affairs. If an executive member was found not participating in society activities or attending conferences/or expressing inability to attend conference due to urgent matter he/she was liable to be automatically expelled from the executive committee by the core group comprising of the founder members and main office bearers of the society.
    7. The General body thanked the outgoing President Dr. Daksha Dixit and outgoing General Secretary Dr. Gaurav Agnihotri for their commitment and contribution to the society.
  5. It was resolved to host the next National Conference at Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Porur, Chennai.
    1. Dr. Vijaya Sagar will be the Organising Secretary and the tentative dates for the conference are February 8th & 9th February 2019 with pre conference CME on February 7, 2019. Dr. Vijaya Sagar welcomed the delegates to Chennai and expressed his wish to conduct a memorable and enriching national conference.
    2. The General Secretary informed the house that apart from Chennai proposals to host national conference in proper format have also been received from NHL-Ahmedabad, Government Medical College, Srinagar, JN Medical College-Wardha and Shri Venkateswaraa Medical College, Puducherry. A proposal was also received during the conference from Dr. D. Ravichandran to host the 10th National conference at Singapore.
  6. The General body rejected the proposal of increasing the membership fee of the Society.
  7. The General Secretary informed the house that the issue of awards from the society had received an overwhelming response during the previous Executive committee meeting with documented dissent from two founder members Dr. Johnson WMS and Dr. D. Ravichandran. So a committee comprising of eminent members from the society was formulated to set criteria which would ensure transparency in providing the awards. The committee was approved by the General Body. This year the committee provided the draft document which would ensure transparency. This year the dissent to providing awards was more as some executive members had changed their opinion .To ensure transparency the General Secretary put the issue up for voting. The following six members (out of 12 executive members present) voted against provision of awards by the society.
    1. Dr. Daksha Dixit
    2. Dr. D. Ravichandran
    3. Dr. N. Muthukumaravel
    4. Dr. Bertha Rathinam
    5. Dr. Gunapriya Raghunath
    6. Dr. C S Vidya
    The six members who voted for the awards were
    1. Dr T C Singel
    2. Dr. Gaurav Agnihotri
    3. Dr. Padamjeet Panchal
    4. Dr. Kusum Gandhi
    5. Dr. Sunita Athavale
    6. Dr. Dipali Jayesh Trivedi
    Since there was a tie amongst the Executive members the matter was put to vote in the General Body. The General Body voted for the awards with 59 members voting for the awards and 44 voting against the provision of awards from the society.
  8. The General body approved to document opposition to the National Medical Commission bill and felt it would do more harm than good.
  9. It was resolved to authorize the New President, Dr. Gunapriya Raghunath and Treasurer, Dr. M. Kavimani to be the authorized signatories for the existing Bank Account for the Society in the Indian Overseas Bank at Valasaravakkam, Chennai.
  10. The General body approved the suggestion that state and central governments be requested on behalf of the society to increase stipend for doctors pursuing post graduation in basic medical sciences on the pattern of the decision taken by Naveen Patnaik Govt. in Odisha. The General body endorsed the idea of encouraging doctors to join postgraduation in basic medical sciences.
  11. The General body also endorsed the idea that bridge course should be offered by priority to anatomists and other basic medical science teachers as they had the basic MBBS degree the knowledge of which they can build upon by these bridge courses. Their post graduation in basic medical sciences would certainly aid them in providing a cutting edge to become efficient clinicians to serve the humanity.

  12. The General Body was pronounced over by the President.

            Dr. N. Muthukumaravel                    Dr. Gunapriya Raghunath
            General Secretary                            President
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