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Minutes of the General Body Meeting

Venue :: JN Medical College, Belagavi, Karnataka
Date :: 03/06/2017
Time :: 12 noon to 2:00 pm

The General body meeting was held during the 6th National Conference of Society of Clinical Anatomists (SOCA)

As per register. Apology of absence received from none. Since required quorum was available, the President, Dr. Daksha Dixit pronounced order to convene the General Body Meeting of the Society of Clinical Anatomists.
  1. It was unanimously resolved to approve the Secretary’s report.
  2. It was resolved to approve the Treasurer’s report for 2016 - 17. The audited statement of accounts of the Society was made available for the members perusal.
  3. The income and expenditure details of National Journal of Clinical Anatomy for 2016-17 was presented to the members by the Editor-in-Chief.
    1. The Editor-in-Chief thanked the members for their wholehearted support. He acknowledged the efforts of his predecessor Dr. Muthukumaravel and expressed his intentions of taking the Journal to a higher level. He said that he had taken over the Journal at a difficult time and now the things were settling down.
    2. The Editor-in-Chief unveiled the new version of the website of the Journal and announced that soon authors will be able to upload their manuscripts online and track the progress of review and download the reviewrs comments. The General body was informed that the dedicated website for our Journal is www.njca.in.
    3. The Editor-in-Chief apprised the members that the newer version of the website with plagiarism software will help to improve the indexing of the Journal. However, he advocated patience as the process would take some time.
    4. The Editor-in-Chief informed the General body that on his request the issue of allowing advertisements in the Journal was taken up in the Executive Committee Meeting a day prior to the General Body Meeting and it was approved. The General body unanimously approved the decision of the Executive and henceforth advertisements will be allowed in the Journal. The Editor–in–Chief informed the house that the advertisements will be placed at the end of the Journal excluding the front and back covers.
    5. The General body members were requested to subscribe our Journal and also recommend journal subscription to their college libraries. It was unanimously resolved to approve the Editor in chief’s report and congratulate him for successful release of the journal without a break.
  4. The General Secretary now informed the house regarding some ‘key’ decisions taken by the Executive Committee on 02.06.2017 and sought approval of these decisions from the house.
    1. The General Secretary informed the house that the Executive had taken a decision that henceforth only society members and individuals with MBBS degree would be allowed to attend a society event. This decision was put forth for discussion and the General Body approved the same.
    2. The Executive was of the view that if members from a state are willing to start a State Chapter of the Society the proposal of the same should be sent to the General Secretary who will then put it forward for approval of the Executive Committee and the General Body. A minimum number of 10 members would be required to initiate a State Chapter. The rules and regulations for these chapters also need to be formulated and approval duly obtained.
    3. The Executive Committee approved granting medals to meritorious members provided the selection process for the same ensured transparency avoiding bias. For this, various suggestions came up within the executive but no consensus could be achieved. So, finally a committee comprising 5 members headed by Dr T C Singel was formulated to suggest proposals to ensure transparency in awarding medals. The members of the committee are Dr T C Singel, Dr Gunapriya, Dr Hirak Das, Dr Bertha Rathinam and Dr Anupama Mahajan. The committee is also expected to suggest categories wherein the medals can be awarded. The suggestions would need approval from the founder members before they are tabled before the Executive Committee and the General Body.
    4. The Executive Committee voted unanimously for an amendment in the constitution of the Society of Clinical Anatomists. “Same person cannot be appointed/ selected for the same post more than two times”. The person can opt for a different post but can be selected/ appointed for the same post only twice. The amendment was adopted unanimously by the General Body.
  5. The General secretary informed the house that various measures were undertaken by the Society to counter the decision taken by Medical Council of India to decrease the faculty requirement in the subject of Anatomy. These included petitions/suggestions/requests sent to eminent lawyers/Niti Aayog and even Shri Narendra Modi. All these efforts did not bring the desired result. Still, the Society was persisting with its demand for restoration of faculty requirement via back door channels and hopefully some results will be achieved. Senior society members are working for this cause and the society is grateful to them for their efforts. This information was appreciated by the General Body.
  6. The Founder members felt that the society had a long list of Executive members some of whom were not contributing to the Society by presence, providing ideas or participating in interactions regarding society matters. Last year, during the General Body Meeting it was decided that the work of the Executive Committee members would be reviewed after one year. So, it was decided during the Executive committee meeting that these members would be removed from the Executive members list on the website. If any member insists that their removal is wrong due to a valid reason his/her name would be reinstated on the website and performance reviewed next year.
    Some members had suggested that their names be considered for inclusion in the Executive Committee. The General body decided that to become an Executive member attending one National conference of the society should be mandatory. This year Dr Vidya C S from JSS Medical College,Mysore was selected as an Executive committee member of the society
  7. It was resolved to host the next National Conference at AIIMS, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Dr.Bertha Rathinam will be the Organising Secretary. It will be held on February 3rd& 4th, 2018. Dr Jitendra Patel from NHL Municipal Medical College, Ahmedabad, Gujarat (in absentia via electronic mode) and Dr T Vijayasagar from SRMC, Chennai made a bid for hosting the National Conference in 2019.It was decided that the final decision regarding hosting the 2019 national conference will be taken during the next General Body meeting at AIIMS, Bhopal.
  8. The General Secretary apprised the members about the concerns regarding Formalin exposure to Anatomists expressed by Dr A Anupriya. The General body unanimously endorsed the view that since formalin was a known carcinogen prolonged and unnecessary exposure to the chemical needs to be avoided and necessary steps like adequate ventilation in dissection halls and formalin exposed areas must be ensured. It was resolved that a letter be addressed to the ministry of health on behalf of the Society advocating that an advisory be issued to all medical colleges regarding minimising unnecessary and prolonged exposure to Formalin.
  9. The General body was informed regarding the current strength of the Society with thanks to the newly added members. The names of the new members were approved by the General body. The society members were requested to keep up and intensify the efforts to encourage new members so that the Society gains in strength to achieve its goal of representing the Clinical Anatomists of the Country.
  10. The General Body was pronounced over by the President.

                    Dr. Gaurav Agnihotri                                                                      Dr. Daksha Dixit
                    General Secretary                                                                           President
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